Clinical and Translational Research

The Department of Pediatrics strives to be a pioneering pediatric academic enterprise that enhances the health of children by fostering therapeutic discovery through collaborative clinical and translational research.

Our investigators aim to:

  • Conduct pediatric clinical and translational research to make evidence-based therapeutics available to children. 
  • Expand pediatric research training and mentoring for students, residents, pediatric fellows, and junior- and mid-career faculty, so they can become future leaders in pediatric clinical and translational research. 
  • Disseminate results of pediatric clinical and translational research through publications and meetings so that the care of children is improved through these study findings.

Research by Division

Clinical and translational research is conducted by each of the divisions in the Department of Pediatrics. Follow the links below to get details about clinical and translational efforts in each:

Children's Clinical Research Unit (CCRU)

Each year, more than 1,000 faculty and study coordinators at Duke enroll patients in clinical trials that involve medical treatment.  In 2008, a clinical research organization was created to ensure that these trials are ethically and efficiently managed with the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of the patient care experience and providing the highest quality clinical research environment possible. 

In conjunction with the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR), each academic department or therapeutic area established a Clinical Research Unit to oversee all clinical research requiring IRB approval.  The Children's Clinical Research Unit (CCRU) is specific for the Department of Pediatrics.