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Pediatric Voices podcast is brought to you by Duke Children’s. Our episodes provide inspiring stories, discuss advances and innovations in children’s health care, and offer important pediatric health care information.

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Podcast Spotlight

Summer Safety

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Emily Greenwald podcast

When pediatricians think of summertime, they think of vacation, time with family and friends, and the end of the school year. They also worry about activities which put kids at risk for injuries and accidents. In this episode, we speak with Emily Greenwald, MD, – a pediatric emergency medicine physician—who teaches us about the extraordinarily hectic world of the emergency department during summer.

We revisit this Summer Safety episode that first aired in 2023 and review some of the principles of prevention of summertime emergencies, and Dr. Greenwald shares some tips for keeping kids safe.

Season Two Episodes

Richard Chung and Angelo Milazzo, Podcast Hosts
Richard Chung, MD, and Angelo Milazzo, MD

Pediatric Voices tells the stories of the people who make up the Duke Children’s team and provides the latest insights into the science and practice of pediatric healthcare. In this episode, co-hosts Angelo Milazzo, MD, and Richard Chung, MD, reflect on the role of podcasting in disseminating trustworthy health information to patients and families and examine the rapidly evolving ecosystem of health information, including online resources, social media, and artificial intelligence. They also reflect on the enduring value of human relationships as the foundation for using modern health information tools responsibly and well.

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Celiac Podcast Guests
Narayanan Venkatasubramani, MD, and Registered Dietitian Leslie Stanford

Celiac disease has entered the public consciousness on a wave of confusion, concern, and misinformation. This condition may begin in childhood with troublesome symptoms, with life-long implications for growth and health if not identified and managed appropriately. Narayanan Venkatasubramani, MD, and Registered Dietitian Lesley Stanford discuss the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease (and tease it apart from gluten sensitivity and wheat protein allergy), share some of the tips and tricks for navigating a gluten-free existence, and dispel some of the misunderstandings around this chronic disease. 

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Robert Lark
Robert Lark, MD, MS

The growth and development of the muscles and bones, and the joints, tendons, and ligaments that connect them, is an important part of childhood health. In this episode, Robert Lark, MD, MS, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, discusses the evaluation and treatment of scoliosis, including the modern approach to non-surgical and surgical treatment, recovery, and return to sports and other activities. He also helps us navigate some of the controversies, including leg lengthening, that patients and families are struggling with.

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Renee Hunt Child Life Podcast
Renee Hunte

Hospitalizations can be incredibly stressful experiences for children and youth, and effective coping requires expert care and support from the whole healthcare team. Child life specialists play an integral role, supporting children and youth in understanding and coping with their illness experiences in a developmentally appropriate way. In this episode, Renee Hunte, the Child and Adolescent Life Manager at Duke Children’s, shares about the deeply impactful work of her team.

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El Futuro Podcast Guests
Lauren Goslin, MSW, LCSW of Duke Health, Luke Smith, MD of El Futuro, & Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD

Today's youth are struggling with profound mental health challenges, and youth in Latino communities are no exception. In this conversation, Dr. Luke Smith, Lauren Goslin, and Dr. Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti share key insights into the experiences of Latino youth and families including challenges they often face in seeking and receiving needed care and support as well as the beauty and resilience that emerge despite such challenges. Learn how all of us, regardless of our heritage or training, can strengthen the fabric of our diverse communities and support young people during these challenging times.

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Ganga Moorthy podcast
Ganga Moorthy, MD

The landscape of viral infections and immunizations for children and youth has evolved significantly. In this episode, Ganga Moorthy, MD, a Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist, brings us up to speed on the latest developments to help keep kids safe in the midst of this respiratory virus season.

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Emily Greenwald podcast
Emily Greenwald, MD

Wintertime is filled with holiday celebrations and other fun activities for children and youth. It also brings with it, however, risk of injuries and other health problems that in many cases can be prevented. In this episode, Emily Greenwald, MD, an Emergency Medicine physician, returns to Pediatric Voices to provide critical insights and practical tips for families to keep kids safe during wintertime.

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Jasmine Willis-Wallace, EdD Podcast
Jasmine Willis-Wallace, EdD

When parents and caregivers discuss diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice with children, they provide a roadmap for navigating human differences. If these issues are contextualized in a way that is relatable and accessible, children can draw meaningful conclusions about how we treat one another. In this episode, Jasmine Willis-Wallace, EdD shares her advice for starting and sustaining that dialogue, using familiar concepts that will resonate with children across the developmental span.

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Turek Headshot for Podcast
Joseph Turek, MD, PhD, MBA

The surgical treatment of children with congenital heart disease is a monumental challenge, one which requires great technical ability, deep medical knowledge and an innovative spirit. At the intersection of cutting-edge research and collaborative, team-based care, heart diseases which were once routinely fatal are now treated as a matter of course. Joseph Turek, MD, PhD, MBA—a pediatric heart surgeon and a pioneer in the field—joins the program to discuss seismic developments he has led in the science and art of heart surgery for children.

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Season One Episodes

Infant Safe Sleep Podcast

October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month. While the precise cause of SIDS events remains unknown, there are many ways in which families can decrease the risk of SIDS and promote healthy sleep. Sophie Shaikh, MD, and Kristina Nazareth-Pidgeon, MD, co-chairs of the Duke Safe Sleep Taskforce, share critical information and practical tips for families to keep infants safe during sleep.

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Ann Reed
Ann Reed, MD

In this episode, Ann Reed, MD, Chair of Pediatrics at Duke and Physician-in-Chief of Duke Children's Hospital, shares her personal journey to pediatrics, critical leadership insights, and her vision for the future of Duke Children's.

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Duke Men’s Basketball & Duke Children’s: A Winning Team Podcast
Marcelle Scheyer and K.C. Nelson

Every day, Duke Children’s team members change lives through clinical care and rewrite the script on the future of pediatric medicine through cutting edge research and transformative education. This work would not be possible without the invaluable contributions of so many in the Duke Children’s family. In this episode, Marcelle Scheyer and K.C. Nelson share about the very special partnership between Duke Children’s and the Duke Men’s Basketball program and invite Pediatric Voices listeners to join the team.

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Jeffrey Russ
Jeffrey Russ, MD

The frontier of our understanding of neurologic illness has been reset, and now sits at the earliest stages of life. Conditions which impact the brain and nervous system are now diagnosed before children are born, during their time in the newborn nursery and during the earliest moments at home. Jeffrey Russ, MD, is a pediatric neurologist who manages these conditions, and a physician scientist studying promising techniques for treating them before they can have devastating effects. In this episode, he discusses early warning signs, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood neurologic problems.

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Jennifer Cohen, MD
Jennifer Cohen, MD

Innovations in genetic testing and treatment are changing the game for patients and families who are affected by these devastating conditions. Although previously believed to be untreatable—and certainly uncurable—brilliant new techniques in genetic diagnosis and treatment, starting at the earliest stages of life, are being put into practice. Jennifer Cohen, MD, is a Medical Geneticist who joins us to discuss her ground-breaking work in this field and its implications for the future of genetic-based medicine.

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Kyle Rehder MD
Kyle Rehder, MD

Many children and youth, particularly those with complex health conditions, are cared for in teaching hospitals. What are teaching hospitals? How are they different from other hospitals? And how do those differences affect the quality of care children receive?  Kyle Rehder, MD, is a pediatric intensive care doctor, a leader in medical education, and an expert in healthcare quality. In this episode, he explains the inner workings of the teaching hospital and shares why he entrusts the care of his own children to a teaching hospital.

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Gary Maslow, MD
Gary Maslow, MD

The topic of resilience has permeated conversations in recent years, and particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Children, teens, and young adults are confronted with constant threats to their resilience springing from illness, from their environment, from socioeconomic factors, and from their social relationships. These are true challenges to successful, effective maturation and development. Gary Maslow, MD, is a General Pediatrician and a Pediatric Psychiatrist who joins us to discuss the basis of resilience—and threats to it—and defines a starting point for families who are concerned about their children’s capacity for it.

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Jane Trinh, MD,
Jane Trinh, MD

Teens and young adults face a number of health challenges, from finding adequate routine care, to dealing with mental and behavioral health issues, to managing chronic medical conditions. Unfortunately, they often fall through the gaps of the healthcare system and struggle with staying connected to reliable care. Jane Trinh, MD, is an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics specialist who teaches us about the complexities—and the joys—of caring for this vulnerable group of patients.

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Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong, MD

Supporting all children and youth to live healthy and full lives is the primary goal of pediatricians and child health professionals. In this conversation, Sarah Armstrong, MD, discusses the complex causes and consequences of childhood obesity and shares critical insights on new treatment approaches.

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Gabriela Panayotti, MD
Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD

Pediatricians and child health professionals are committed to the health and well-being of all children and youth. In this conversation, Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD, shares expert insights on the many complex challenges that disproportionately impact the experiences and health of some children and youth and what we all can do to promote health equity in our communities.

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Andrew Landstrom, MD, PhD
Andrew Landstrom, MD, PhD

Co-Host Angelo Milazzo, MD, and Andrew Landstrom, MD, PhD, discuss cardiovascular genetics and when it may be time for parents to worry about passing heart conditions down to their children.

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Our Co-Hosts

Richard Chung, MD

Richard Chung, Co-host of Podcast
Co-host Dr. Richard Chung, MD, is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine and an adolescent and young adult health specialist at Duke Health. He has a particular interest in caring for youth and young adults with chronic conditions as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Although new to podcasting, he was once called the "Phil Donahue" of his practice because of his interviewing skills. Dr. Chung lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his wife, Gina, and his two sons, Caleb and Joshua.

Angelo Milazzo, MD

Angelo Milazzo, MD
Co-host Dr. Angelo Milazzo, MD, is a pediatric cardiologist and a Professor of Pediatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine. He cares for patients with all types of heart disease from prenatal life, through childhood, and into young adulthood. When he isn't talking into a microphone, you'll find him talking to anyone who'll listen about everything from Formula 1 racing to Roman history to '80s movies. Dr. Milazzo lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Cary, North Carolina.

Whether you are looking for simple tips for staying healthy or want to know more about innovations in medicine and clinical trials, Duke Children's podcasts are designed to improve the lives of children. So tune in and discover the latest insights and advice on parenting, child development, and more!

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