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Duke in Durham

The beauty of Duke’s campus rivals any--conveying tradition and innovation, from Gothic architecture to world-class medical facilities. Similarly, Durham’s dynamic neighborhoods and thriving businesses celebrate the combination of old and new. With its close ties to the community and commitment to outstanding education, its venerable past and vital future, Duke University and Duke University Medical Center offer extraordinary opportunities to medical students, residents, fellows and faculty. We invite you to discover your own future potential for growth, for achievement, and for professional satisfaction by investigating the possibilities at Duke in Durham.

Visit Duke University's comprehensive website on living in Durham.

Watch our "Do Durham" video to get a two-minute introduction to why
Durham is a great place to live.

Watch a video about what medical students and residents say about
living in Durham.

Watch "One Day at Duke" for a snapshot containing more than a thousand
photos, videos and messages that were submitted online by Duke community
members worldwide on a single day.

Watch a video that explores Durham’s lively restaurant scene, nightlife,
hiking and other attractions.

Related Resources

Here are a few links to help you enrich your cultural, social, and educational
experience at Duke:

Things to Do

Visiting Duke and Durham

Campus Points of Interest

Local Attractions

In addition to popular Duke attractions, Durham has countless outstanding
opportunities for shopping, entertainment and eating great food. For a full
list of Durham's most popular attractions, visit the official visitors site for
Durham, N.C.

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