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Update Your Profile

The Department of Pediatrics faculty profile pages, available from the Faculty Directory, are designed to describe your background, research interests and publication activity to colleagues, peers and the public. Profiles also provide contact information and a professional photograph.

Profiles are automatically created from information pulled from various Duke University databases, including the dFac system (official source of faculty data) and the Scholars@Duke directory of research profiles and scholarly activities. (Profile pages for faculty who provide care to patients are also featured at

Faculty and trainees in the Department of Pediatrics are encouraged to check your profile to confirm the basic information, and to provide short descriptions of your clinical and research activities. You can update your profile whenever you wish.

See the Profile Checklist

The tips on this page cover:

  • How to update and upload a new photo.
  • How to update your research overview using Scholars@Duke.
  • How to update your list of publications using Duke Elements.
  • How to update your clinical profile on
  • The Profile Checklist at bottom of this page for a handy reference to updating your online profiles.


Scholars@Duke is the official Duke University system for presenting the academic scholarship of our faculty and trainees.

This initiative is valuable because it is Duke's public display of our academic profiles and a remarkable means for others, both within and outside of Duke, to connect in a era where collaboration matters.

To update your own profile

Follow these steps to edit and update your Scholars@Duke profile:

  • Visit
  • Search “People” for your name, and click on your profile.
  • Click “Manage This Profile” to make edits.
  • Note that you may designate someone else to manage and update your Scholars@Duke profile.

We recommend:

  • In the Overview section, write a description of your academic and scientific activities.
  • Upload a recent photo (within the past three years). See below for assistance in getting a new photo made.
  • Review your list of publications. Click over to the Elements system to approve new publications and make changes to your existing list. Elements also provides interesting analytics of your academic publications such as mentions on Twitter, readers on Mendeley or CiteULike, journal rankings and your paper’s citations, and a way to export your list by PDF including DOI links.

Get additional tips on updating your Scholars@Duke profile on this support page, where there are how to articles and video tutorials.

Update your photo

Faculty profile pages look best when you have a recent, professionally produced profile photograph.

Is your photo missing or more than 5 years old? If so, please update your photo at your earliest convenience.

If you have a recent studio photo, please send it to Rebecca Casey.

If you do not have a recent studio photo, do the following:

  • If you provide care to patients, Duke Consultation and Referral Center will pay for your photo. Contact Mike Garrison to request a photo, and at the same time, plan to record a video message for your profile. The video message can give patients a better understanding of your personality and treatment philosophy.
  • If you are a full-time researcher, please contact the Chair's Office to obtain a fund code for payment, and contact Duke Photography at 919-684-4391 to schedule a studio visit.

The consumer-focused is used by patients, referring physicians, and others to choose a Duke Health doctor and schedule appointments.

Providers who treat patients and with whom patients can make an appointment – faculty, residents and physician assistants – should have profiles on this site.

If you need to create a profile, visit the Create a Profile form on the Duke Health intranet (you have to be on the Duke Health network in order to access the intranet).

Please help improve the quality and accuracy of the information on this site. Information is sourced from various health system databases, but can be updated via one form.

Update your profile

First, determine if you already have a profile on the site by visiting the Find a Doctor page and using the ‘Search by doctor's name’ field.

If you already have a profile on the site and would like to update it, use the Update Your Profile form.

Then follows these steps:

  • Enter your last name in the search box and click “Search.”
  • If your name does not appear when you search and you HAVE a profile, please contact Kate Harris.
  • If your name does not appear when you search and you do NOT have a profile, complete the Create a Profile form.
  • Click on your name to open the update form.
  • Click the 'View' tab at the upper left of your screen and then select 'Edit Item.'
  • Make your changes.
  • Please fill out the form as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to provide a 150-word ‘About Me’ statement to introduce yourself to prospective patients.
  • When you are finished, click the button at the bottom to submit.

​The Duke Health Marketing team will review and approve your submission before publishing to

Record a video bio

Another component of the profile is a video bio where you can give patients a better understanding of your personality and treatment philosophy. If you have not yet scheduled a video interview and would like to do so, contact Mike Garrison


Doximity is an online professional network for physicians in the U.S. Use it to find colleagues and specialists around the country.

Doximity partners with U.S. News & World Report to survey physicians for the annual rankings of best hospitals, medical schools and internal medicine residency programs. Physicians with a Doximity profile are invited to vote in these rankings.

Find your Doximity profile.

Profile Checklist

Please use this checklist to review and update your profiles.

Department of Pediatrics Profile
1. Confirm your name. Your profile displays the Professional Name from your official dFac entry. Request a change by contacting Gloria Howard.
2. Confirm your appointment(s). Contact Gloria Howard.
3. Confirm your phone and address. Go to Duke@Work, select the "MyInfo" tab and choose "MyProfile" then "Maintain your addresses and phone numbers" and the "External Mailing Address and Phone" option.
4. Confirm your campus email.

Visit the OIT Account Self-service tool, expand the 'Manage Directory Listings' section, click on 'Change your preferred email address', then select your preferred address or enter a new address.

5. Review your photo. Upload new image in Scholars@Duke, or request new photo. See Update Your Photo, above.
6. Review the text about your research, teaching and clinical activities. Change the Overview field in Scholars@Duke.
7. Confirm your education and training. Contact Gloria Howard.
8. Review your list of active grants. Contact Department of Pediatrics Research Administration.
9. Update your list of publications.

Login to Duke Elements, view your Pending Publications, and approve those that you want displayed on your Pediatrics profile. Profile
1. Confirm the key elements of your profile (name, degrees / credentials, specialty title, and appointment phone number). Change in Profile Update Site.
2. Review the location(s) where you provide care. Make sure every location where a patient can see you is included. Change in Profile Update Site.
3. Review your ‘About Me’ statement and ‘My Research Interests’ statement (if applicable).. Change in Profile Update Site.
4.  Verify you have a photo. See Update Your Photo, above.
5. Verify you have a video message. If not, contact Mike Garrison to schedule a video interview..