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Below is a list of recent DCCOR-affiliated publications. [DCCOR members’ names are in bold.]

Chung AE, Skinner AC, Hasty SE, Perrin EM. Tweeting to health: A novel mHealth intervention using fitbits and twitter to foster healthy lifestyles. Clinical Pediatrics. 2017 Jan; 56(1):26-32.

Flower KB, Skinner AC, Yin HS, Rothman RL, Sanders LM, Delamater A, Perrin EM. Satisfaction with communication in primary care for Spanish-speaking and English-speaking parents. Academic Pediatrics. 2017 Jan; S1876-2859(17)30007-4. [epub ahead of print]

Brown CL, Matherne CE, Bulik CM, Howard JB, Ravanbakht SN, Skinner AC, Wood CT, Bardone-Cone AM, Brown JD, Perrin AJ, Levine C, Steiner MJ, Perrin EM. Influence of product placement in children’s movies on children’s snack choices. Appetite. 2017 March 28; 114:118-124. [epub ahead of print]

Skinner AC, Payne K, Perrin AJ, Panter AT, Howard JB, Bardone-Cone A, Bulik CM, Steiner MJ, Perrin EM. Implicit weight bias in children age 9-11 years. Pediatrics. 2017 Jul 1;140(1):e20163936.

Armstrong SC, Puhl R, Skinner AC, Kratka A. Person‐first language in pediatric obesity research. Pediatric Obesity. 2017 Jan 1.

Kirk S, Armstrong S, King E, Trapp C, Grow M, Tucker J, Joseph M, Liu L, Weedn A, Sweeney B, Fox C. Establishment of the Pediatric Obesity Weight Evaluation Registry: A National Research Collaborative for Identifying the Optimal Assessment and Treatment of Pediatric Obesity. Childhood Obesity. 2017 Feb 1;13(1):9-17.

Winkler MR, Moore ED, Bennett GG, Armstrong SC, Brandon DH. Parent‐adolescent influences on everyday dietary practices: Perceptions of adolescent females with obesity and their mothers. Maternal & Child Nutrition. 2017 Jan 1.

Wasser HM, Thompson AL, Suchindran CM, Hodges EA, Goldman BD, Perrin EM, Faith MS, Bulik CM, Jane Henig M, Bentley ME. “Family-based obesity prevention for infants: Design of the ‘Mothers & Others’ randomized trial.” Contemp Clin Trials. 2017 June 6 [epub ahead of print]. 

Sharp JR, Maguire JL, Carsley S, Abdullah K, Chen Y, Perrin EM, Parkin PC, Birken CS; TARGet Kids! Collaboration.. “Temperament is associated with outdoor free play in young children: A TARGet Kids! Study. Acad Pediatr. 2017 Aug 22 [epub ahead of print].

Brown CL, Perrin EM, Peterson KE, Brophy Herb HE, Horodynski MA, Contreras D, Miller AL, Appugliese DP, Ball SC, Lumeng JC, “Association of picky eating with weight status and dietary quality among low-income preschoolers. Acad Pediatr. 2017 Sept 5 [epub ahead of print].

Howard JB, Skinner AC, Ravanbakht SN, Brown JD, Perrin AJ, Steiner MJ, Perrin EM. Obesogenic Behavior and Weight-Based Stigma in Popular Children’s Movies, 2012 to 2015. Pediatrics. 2017 Dec 1;140(6):e20172126.

Perrin EM, O'Shea TM, Skinner AC, Bose C, Allred EN, Fichorova RN, van der Burg JW, Leviton A. Elevations of inflammatory proteins in neonatal blood are associated with obesity and overweight among 2-year-old children born extremely premature. Pediatric research. 2018 Jan 10.

Skinner AC, Ravanbakht SN, Skelton JA, Perrin EM, Armstrong SC. Prevalence of obesity and severe obesity in US children, 1999–2016. Pediatrics. 2018 Feb 26:e20173459.