Katz-Denny Fellows

Angelique Boutzoukas, MD (Infectious Diseases) Duke

  • Mentor(s): Kanecia Zimmerman, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke
  • Project: Durations of postdiscontinuation therapeutic exposures of commonly used antibiotics in premature infants and association with future antibiotic-resistance

Brian Guedes, MD (Hematology/Oncology) Duke

  • Mentor(s): Corinne Linardic, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke
  • Project: Cyclin dependent kinase 8: a pharmacologic target for fusion-positive rhabdomyosarcoma

Ganga Moorthy, MD (Infectious Diseases) Duke

  • Mentor(s): Matthew Rubach, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke
  • Project: Sepsis outcomes in Tanzania through operational research focused on the implementation and evaluation of therapeutic interventions

Seth Morrison, MD (Gastroenterology) UNC

  • Mentor(s): Sylvia Becker-Dreps, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Famiy Medicine, UNC
  • Project: Role of histo-blood group antigens (HBGAs) in enteric infections in resource limited settings (Nicaraguan birth cohort)

Lauren Covert, MD (Rheumatology) Duke

  • Mentor(s): George Truskey, PhD, R. Eugene and Susie E. Goodson Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Jeff Dvergsten, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke; Andrew Landstrom, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke
  • Project: Developing an in vitro model of juvenile dermatomyositis using 3D myobundles to define etiological mechanisms and expeditiously test targeted therapies

Stephanie Borinsky, MD (Gastroenterology) UNC

  • Mentor(s): Evan Dellon, MD MPH, Professor of Medicine, UNC
  • Project: Development and validation of a clinical predictive model for EoE in pediatric patients, and development of alternative techniques for monitoring EoE

Previous Fellows

Sarah Heston, MD

  • Current position: Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellow, Duke

Agnes Chao, MD

  • Current position: Clinical Associate and Research Fellow in Pediatrics (Neonatology), Duke University Medical Center

Tobias Straube, MD

  • Current position: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care Medicine), Duke University Medical Center

Dennis Leung, MD

  • Current position: Pediatric Neurocritical Care Fellow, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD

Marissa Just, MD

  • Current position: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Hematology/Oncology), Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

Adrian Epstein, MD, PhD 

  • Current position: Neonatology Fellow, Duke University Medical Center

Elizabeth Jalazo, MD 

  • Current position: Instructor, Pediatric Genetics and Metabolism, UNC School of Medicine