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The members of the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine are actively involved in research on multiple levels.

Research Faculty

Areas of Special Interest
Kathleen W. Bartlett, MD, Chief Resident education, cultural competence, quality improvement, care for children with medical complexity
Clay Bordley, MD, MPH Quality improvement, procedural sedation, bronchiolitis
Samrat Umasankar Das, MBBS Pediatric hospital medicine, graduate and undergraduate medical education, interprofessional education, simulation education and observational studies to improve clinical practice in the area of inpatient pediatrics
Sarah Gall, MD Pediatric hospital medicine
Mikelle Key-Solle, MD Procedural sedation, quality improvement
Heather S. McLean, MD Quality improvement, patient safety, experience of care, QI curriculum development, care for children with medical complexity
David Ming, MD Transitions of care, care for children with medical complexity, quality improvement
Kristina Marie Nazareth-Pidgeon, MD Pediatric hospital medicine
Victoria Parente, MD, MPH Health disparities, quality improvement, patient safety, care for children with medical complexity
Lisa Stigler Parnell, MD, MPH Patient education, health literacy, clinical practice guidelines, quality improvement, care for children with medical complexity
Michelle Joette White, MD Built environment and health

Areas of Research

Current areas of interest include:

  • Outcomes and process research on common inpatient diagnoses such as bronchiolitis and asthma

  • Quality improvement initiatives

  • Resident and student education initiatives

  • Assessing needs and improving care for children with medical complexity

  • Participation in a national pediatric procedural sedation collaborative to better understand and improve care

  • Participation in national pediatric safety collaborative to improve care

  • Collaborative projects with other Divisions (e.g., novel treatments of RSV infections, improving care of neonates with fever and possible sepsis, development of status epilepticus protocols)