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Faculty in the Child Abuse and Neglect Service are engaged in a wide range of research related to pediatric child abuse and neglect prevention.

Research Faculty and Staff

Areas of Special Interest
Child abuse and neglect prevention (Period of Purple Crying Educational program), community response to child abuse/neglect, inflicted and accidental traumatic brain injury, medical training in child abuse and neglect, likelihood of disclosure to a doctor in the exam room versus disclosure in a separate diagnostic interview, medical standards and quality assurance in abuse/neglect medical evaluations, relationship of disclosure pattern and content between children having significant physical findings and those with normal exams for sexual and physical maltreatment.
Child abuse and neglect prevention (Period of Purple Crying Education program), residency program development and training, medical training in child abuse and neglect.
Lindsay Terrell, MD Child abuse and neglect prevention
Scott Snider, LCSW Development of a medical model CAC, multidisciplinary and multi-agency response to community child abuse/neglect issues, tracking and outcomes of child abuse/neglect cases.
Wendy Craven, RN, FNE Pathology of sexual offenders, relationship of victim injuries to offender profiles, relationship of PTSD to victim profile, assessing the incompatible medical history.

Research Interests

Specific research interests in child abuse and neglect include: 
  • Traumatic brain injury prevention
  • Long-term effects and outcomes in abused and neglected children
  • Factors affecting child disclosures of abuse and neglect
  • The relationship of domestic violence and fatal cases of child abuse/neglect
  • International child abuse and neglect