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Patient Care

Current DUMC Child Abuse and Neglect Services have both continued and expanded upon many of the goals of the initial Child Protection Team. Current services include:   

Inpatient Services

Medical consultations for concerns of child abuse and neglect are available to all DUMC inpatient pediatric services, emergency department services and DUHS affiliated clinics serving children. Referrals are recommended when there are concerns of child physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, or dependency. 

Outpatient Services

Outpatient referrals for child abuse/neglect evaluations are scheduled through the Duke Child Abuse and Neglect Medical Evaluation Clinic (CANMEC). Medical assessment services include a comprehensive medical evaluation with interview of the referring agency member, separate interviews with the caretaker(s) and the child, thorough medical examination with colposcope genital/anal exam, photo-documentation of physical findings, weekly case review of all referred cases, final medical report including diagnoses and medical, social, mental health, and safety recommendations. 

A comprehensive description of all of our child abuse and neglect services, locations, and appointment information is available on Duke Children's.

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