Pediatric Statistics and Data Sciences Support Core Intake Form

This intake survey will help the Pediatric Stats Support and Data Science team determine how best to support your request for available services.

Duke Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) Methods Core

The BERD Methods Core works with investigators to assess their project’s collaborative needs and help them identify potential collaborators (biostatisticians, data scientists, qualitative scientists, epidemiologists, etc.) with relevant quantitative and qualitative expertise at Duke and partner institutions. In addition, the core builds teams of faculty and staff methodologists (biostatisticians, epidemiologists, bioinformaticists, data scientists, etc.) who work with an interdisciplinary network of clinical and translational investigators.

Duke Center for AIDS Research Quantitative Sciences Core

The mission of the Quantitative Sciences Core (QS) is to provide quantitative support for intramural collaboration and coordination of all AIDS-related research activities at Duke and its partner institutions. By providing quantitative expertise and developing shared computational tools, we aim to enhance the value of the services provided by other CFAR Cores, and to increase the scientific impact of research done by CFAR investigators.


DiscoverData@Duke is a collaborative effort to provide a one-stop shop for Duke investigators to learn about and access a wealth of data resources.

Protected Analytic Computing Environment (PACE)

Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE) is a highly protected virtual network space that serves as a marketplace where approved users can work with identifiable protected health information. 

Duke QualCore

QualCore provides expertise and leadership in qualitative research design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation.

Duke CTSI Clinical Data Research Networks

Duke's participation in several Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) makes it easier to conduct multi-site studies by enabling access to well-curated EHR data at all member institutions, including Duke.

Duke EHR Data Consultation Services

EERS makes it easy for innovators and investigators to leverage Duke's EHR and data warehouse resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

Duke Population Health Datasets and Resources

Gives Duke researchers access to electronic health data from different sources to generate new insights into health and health care.