Education Component

The educational component of the fellowship program incorporates bedside and didactic teaching opportunities.

The formal lecture series designed specifically for the fellows incorporates a wide range of topics and formats. It includes a weekly clinical case conference to discuss interesting and complicated patients, and a twice monthly reading conference concentrated on the fundamentals of pediatric intensive care. Also incorporated in the formal lecture series on a monthly basis is an evidence-based medicine conference, research presentations, journal club, and a monthly division chief’s conference focused on respiratory physiology and mechanical ventilation. Other conferences include a monthly cardiovascular surgery lecture on specific congenital heart lesions, a multidisciplinary cardiovascular surgery conference to discuss patients scheduled for surgery the coming week, critical care grand rounds, morbidity and mortality conferences, along with other formal lectures on a variety of subjects. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in multiple lecture series within other programs which are relevant to the field of pediatric critical care medicine. 

Fellows in hall

Our division has recruited fellows from outstanding programs from around the country. Graduating fellows have been successful in securing excellent pediatric intensivist positions in academic centers and private institutions. Pediatric critical care medicine is a dynamic and exciting field which integrates a broad clinical knowledge, relationships with families at an important juncture of their lives, and rapid advances in technology. Our Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship Program provides a foundation to pursue diverse opportunities integrating clinical medicine, research, and education in a satisfying and challenging career.