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As a leader in pediatric medicine, we depend on the contributions of a large support staff, whose expertise and dedication serve to facilitate the division's administrative, clinical, education and research operations.


Contact Information
Roberto Mendez
Clinical Biochemical Genetics Lab Fellow (First Year)

Clinical Staff

Contact Information
Stephanie DeArmey, MHS, PA-C Physician Assistant
(919) 681-1946
Sarah Hart, PhD, MS, MA Genetic Counselor (919) 613-8307
Erin Huggins, MS, CGC Genetic Counselor (919) 613-0948
Courtney Jensen, MS, CGC Genetic Counselor

(919) 681-2410

Caitlin McCoy, BSN, RN Clinical Nurse II (919) 613-8615
Erica Nading, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor
(919) 681-2774
Surekha Pendyal, MSc, MEd, RD Dietician (919) 681-1932
Kacie Riley, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor
(919) 684-3127
Khoon Tan, MD Consulting Associate  

Research and Laboratory Diagnostics Staff

Contact Information
Janet Blount, BA Clinical Research Coordinator I (919) 681-7962
Elizabeth Brooks, DVM Staff Veterinarian (919) 668-6199
Brian Carraturo Clinical Research Specialist, Sr. (919) 681-2777
Meghan Channell Assistant Research Practice Manager (919) 668-2662
Su Jin Choi, PhD Postdoctoral Associate (919) 668-6196
Nicole Clark, BS Research Technician II
(Crawford Lab)
(919) 684-8196
Sabrina Collias Research Tech II (Bissig Lab) (919) 660-2597
Ankit Desai, MBBS Postdoctoral Associate (919) 613-6310
William Eisner Research Tech II
Shelly Goomber, PhD Postdoctoral Associate (919) 613-6310
Ghada Hijazi, MD Postdoctoral Associate
Sang Oh Han Postdoctoral Associate (919) 681-9925
Carla Johnson Senior Data Technician (919) 668-6139
Seung-Hye Jung, PhD Regulatory Coordinator (919) 681-1984
Aditi Korlimarla, MBBS Postdoctoral Associate (919) 684-0254
Neelam Makhijani, MD Postdoctoral Associate
Gretchen Nichting, BA Clinical Research Coordinator I (919) 660-0757
Eleanor Rodriguez-Rossi Clinical Research Coordinator I (919) 613-1219
Kelly Schoch, MS, CGC Clinical Research Genetic Counselor

(919) 681-2772

Rebecca Spillman, MS, CGC Clinical Research Genetic Counselor (919) 668-1340
Grace Stafford Clinical Research Specialist, Sr. (919) 668-1347
Jennifer Sullivan, MS, CGC Clinical Research Genetic Counselor (919) 681-1991
Lauren Workman Clinical Research Coordinator (919) 660-0758
Ming Xu, RN, MSN Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator III (919) 681-1945

 Administrative Staff

Contact Information
Patsy Chase
Staff Assistant-Clinical Scheduling
(919) 681-2524
Sandra Durden
Staff Assistant-Clinical Scheduling
(919) 684-0307
Beverly Foushee, AAS
Staff Assistant
Division Administration 
(919) 681-9854
Ashley Mahan Staff Assistant-Clinical Scheduling

(919) 668-6157

Carla Rose
Staff Assistant, Division Administration
(919) 681-2787
Scott Mofield Senior Business Manager (919) 684-3486
Gary Phillips Administrative Coordinator (919) 684-7003
Elizabeth Sasser Fellowship Program Coordinator (919) 684-9140