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Ongoing research both within and extending beyond the Healthy Lifestyles clinical population is aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of obesity, improving treatment options, and generating knowledge that may benefit children all over the world. 

Research Faculty

Areas of Special Interest
Sarah Armstrong, MD Pediatric nutrition and the treatment of childhood and adolescent obesity; leveraging innovative strategies to improve children's nutrition and activity, including mobile health interventions, community partnerships, and medication or surgical approaches
Gabriela Muriel Maradiaga Panayotti, MD Community advocacy, breastfeeding, and nutrition

Clinical Research

  • Obesity prevention and treatment 
  • Practice-based management of childhood obesity 
  • Literature as a tool for childhood obesity prevention and treatment 
  • Internet portals as a tool to improve family lifestyles behaviors 

Clinical Trials

As part of enrollment in the Healthy Lifestyles clinic, you may be asked to participate in one or more studies. Your participation is completely voluntary and will not affect your child’s care in the clinic. Some of the studies may seek only to follow your progress, some may involve additional blood tests, and some may offer new and promising treatments. If you have any questions regarding these studies or your child’s eligibility, please contact Sarah Armstrong at

If you would like to recruit patients from the Healthy Lifestyles clinic for your research, or would like to complete a research internship, please contact Sarah Armstrong at

Duke Center for Childhood Obesity Research

The overall mission of the Duke Center for Childhood Obesity Research (DCCOR) is to advance effective and equitable obesity prevention and treatment by conducting innovative interdisciplinary research to achieve optimal health for all children. DCCOR conducts independent, groundbreaking research that seeks to change practice and policy to help children lead healthier lives. 

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