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Celebrating our Senior Residents and Fellows

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Duke University

The 2020 Resident and Fellow graduation and awards ceremony was held during Grand Rounds on Tuesday, June 23. The Department of Pediatrics extends our congratulations and thanks to this talented group of physicians and scientists. We wish you the very best as you enter your specialty and hope you reflect back on your Duke training as a formative and integral part of your education. 

Graduating Pediatrics Residents

  • Michael Abercrombie, MD
  • Jamal Barrett, MD
  • Rachel Cason, MD
  • Michelle DeRusso, MD
  • Jacqueline Fabricius, MD
  • Grace Hendrix, MD
  • Stephanie Johannes, MD, MA
  • Shaunte McKay, MD
  • Aaron Pankiewicz, DO, MPH
  • Amanda Saad, MD
  • Mya Sendak, MD, MS
  • Michael Smith, MD, MPH
  • Clay Templeton, MD

Graduating Med-Peds Residents

  • Amadea Britton, MD
  • Elizabeth Hubbard, MD
  • Govind Krishnan, MD
  • Matthew McCulloch, MD
  • Kathleen Wood, MD
  • Justin Yoo, MD

Graduating Fellows and Subspecialty Residents

Allergy and Immunology

  • Olga Hardin, MD
  • Haley Hostetler, MD

Blood and Marrow Transplantation

  • Lyndsay Molinari, MD


  • Jordan Ezekian, MD
  • Jason Williams, MD

Advanced Cardiology

  • Reid Chamberlain, MD

Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Stephanie MacPherson, MD

Critical Care Medicine

  • Denise Lopez Domowicz, MD


  • Stacey Johnson, MD


  • Marissa Just, MD
  • Joanna Robles, MD

Infant Complex Care

  • Elizabeth Collins, MD, MPH

Infectious Diseases

  • Bradford Becken, III, MD
  • Jacob Kilgore, MD, MPH

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

  • Samia Aleem, MD
  • Patricia Dias, MD
  • LaShawndra Walker, MD

Medicine-Pediatric Rheumatology

  • Katherine Kaufman, MD

Medical Biochemical Genetics

  • Margarita Nieto Moreno, MD

Medical Genetics and Genomics

  • Ricardo Ong, MD

Child Neurology

  • Cecilia Fernandes, MBBS
  • Linh Tran, MD


  • Appleseed Award from Medical Students
    Michael Abercrombie, Lindsay Blount, Samantha Dizon, Margaret DeOliveira, Jacqueline Fabricius, Sriva Muralidharan, Mya Sendak

  • Robert P. Drucker Medical Student Teaching Awards
    Henry Foote, Benjamin Redpath, Anna Williams
  • NICU Award 
    Michael Abercrombie, Lauren Brown, Hugh Quach​
  • PICU Award 
    Allison Berryhill
  • ED Award 
    Elizabeth Hubbard, Amanda Saad
  • Arena-Palumbo Division Teaching Award 
  • Samuel L. Katz Faculty Award 
    Kyle Rehder
  • Michael M. Frank Fellow Teaching Award
    Bradford Becken
  • Deborah Kredich Resident Teaching Award 
    Michael Abercrombie
  • Del Wigfall Community Champion Award
    Shaunte McKay
  • William Bell Award 
    Amadea Britton
  • SAR Talk Award 
    Govind Krishnan, Mya Sendak
  • James A. Stockman Award
    Govind Krisshnan, Jacqueline Fabricius

YT Chen Awards

The inaugural Chen Awards were presented to:


  • Mya Sendak, for excellence in delivering patient care.
  • Meredith Sooy, for excellence in scientific research.
  • Govind Krishnan, for excellence as an educator.


  • Reid Chamberlain and Jordan Ezekian for their outstanding contributions to discovery science.

About the Awards

The Chen Awards were established in 2019 with a generous philanthropic gift from Alice and YT Chen.

Dr. Chen is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics. The Chens came to Duke in 1978 when Dr. Chen began his pediatric residency.  Following a stint at NIH, he joined the faculty at Duke in 1983. 

A clinical geneticist, Dr. Chen began studying Pompe disease in the early 1990s. He and his Duke colleagues worked over a 15 year period to develop an enzyme replacement therapy that remains the only known treatment for the condition. 

Mrs. Chen gave up her career as a scientist to raise their sons, Gerald and Gene, both Duke graduates. Recognizing the sacrifices required of individuals pursuing careers in medicine and discovery science and their families, the Chens created these awards to be used at the discretion of the recipients.  

The Chen Awards were presented to 3 residents in the Department of Pediatrics: one who demonstrates excellence in delivering patient care, one who demonstrates excellence in scientific research, and one who demonstrates excellence as an educator.  Additionally two fellows were recognized with Chen Awards for outstanding contributions to discovery science. 

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