Past Fellows


Graduation Year

Current Institution
Kathleen Wood 2023 Duke Advanced Imaging/Research Fellow
BriAnna Souder 2023 Texas Children’s Hospital Advanced Imaging/QI Fellowship
Ashley Dischinger 2022 Duke University
Elizabeth Thompson 2021 Duke University, Critical Care Fellow
Merick Yamada 2021 Medical City, Dallas, TX
Alice Chan 2021 East Carolina University
Jordan Ezekian 2021 University of Texas-Southwestern
Reid Chamberlain 2021 Duke University
Jason Williams 2020 Duke University
McAllister Windom 2019 Duke University
Andrew McCrary 2019 Duke University
M. David Weiland 2018 Oschner Medical Center
David Bearl 2017 Vanderbilt University
Andrew Dodgen 2017 Sibley Heart Center
Rachel Torok 2017 Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Ololade Akintoye 2016 Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children 
Bijoy Thattaliath 2015 University of Iowa
Sarah Plummer 2015 Rainbow Babies Children's Hospital
Andrea Kropf 2015 Sibley Heart Center
Elliot Pearson 2015 Niklaus Children's Hospital
Venugopal Amula 2014 University of Utah
Sihong Huang 2014 Helen Devos Children's Hospital
Robert Tunks 2014 Penn State University
Dan Forsha 2014 Mercy Children's Hospital
Christoph Hornik 2013 Duke University
Robert Bishop 2013 Children's Hospital of Colorado
Brent Carothers 2013 CMG Stoorbants Cardiovascular Center
Jason Johnson 2013 Lebonheur Children's Hospital
Chad Stewart 2012 Children's Hospital of Colorado

Featured Past Fellows

David Bearl

David Bearl, MD, MA
I had the opportunity to pursue the Master of Arts in Bioethics and Science Policy within Duke Science and Society in my third year of Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship after receiving a Merit Scholarship from the Duke Graduate School. The course explored the intersection of ethics, law, science and public policy. I had opportunities to work with ethicists, lawyers, politicians and basic scientists broadening my view of how medicine in applied. I was able to focus on how science and technology affect public policy, which in turn sets up ethical quandaries at both systemic and individual levels. I completed my coursework with a master’s thesis entitled Making Biomarkers Great Again – Requiring a Threshold of Validity for Surrogate Endpoints on Ethical Grounds. Overall, it was an excellent experience and gave me a foundation to continue ethical discussions within the heart failure and transplant literature, as well as joining the OPTN National Ethics Committee.

Jordan Ezekian

Jordan Ezekian, MD, MPH
My interest in sudden cardiac death prevention and experience serving as the Co-Medical Director of Project ADAM, a school-based advocacy initiative of the Duke PCHC, led me to apply for the 2-year Duke/NIH TL-1 Physician Research Fellowship with the Duke Clinical and Translational Institute. My translational research in the Landstrom laboratory explores the genetic and molecular basis of cardiovascular disorders and sudden death in children using human induced pluripotent stem cell and murine models. Additionally, I have received a research award through Colin’s Kids to establish a multidisciplinary team of researchers at Duke to analyze NIH database genomic data to address important knowledge gaps in our understanding of the genetic basis of congenital cardiac disease. The pediatric cardiology program and the resources available to physician scientists at Duke has allowed me the flexibility and support to design a unique experience tailored to my career goals.  

Andrew Mccrary

Andrew McCrary, MD, MS
Shortly after starting my pediatric cardiology fellowship, I applied for the Duke Global Health Pathway for Fellows to become a part of my fellowship. After completing my first clinical year of fellowship, I entered into the Global Health Pathway, which included completion of a Duke Graduate School Master of Science in Global Health degree and 11 months of research and clinical work in Kenya. After completing the Global Health Pathway, I returned to finish my final year of pediatric cardiology. Duke's pediatric cardiology program was flexible helping me achieve all of my academic interests combining global health and pediatric cardiology training.