Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

About Us

Adolescence and the transition to adulthood often involve complex medical and psychosocial issues. Caring well for young people during this time has positive effects throughout life.

The Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Program is dedicated to meeting the unique health needs of adolescents and young adults by providing high quality specialty clinical services, pursuing a diverse portfolio of exceptional research initiatives, training future generations of adolescent health advocates, and cultivating productive partnerships within our local community.

We are working to develop a comprehensive array of adolescent and young adult health-promoting and development-nurturing activities within Duke and throughout Durham that leverages clinical, educational, vocational, social, and cultural resources and partnerships.

Our efforts are grounded in a deep respect for each individual youth and family, as well as the neighborhoods and communities they live in. Alongside other youth advocates, we partner with young people to empower them as they pursue positive and productive futures.

Focus Areas

  • Positive Youth Development
    We recognize development as the fundamental construct for understanding both health and illness among adolescents and young adults. Our services and initiatives are rooted in a positive youth development model that aims to foster resilience and independence in youth as they approach adulthood.
  • Community and Population Health for Youth
    We have cultivated a range of community partnerships, recognizing that the health and thriving of young people is driven by many social and emotional factors beyond the healthcare system. Our goal is to ensure that every adolescent and young adult in Durham is provided the resources and supports needed to thrive, with every member of Durham’s health neighborhood equipped and engaged in doing their part to promote AYA well-being. Providing this rich foundation will continually improve the health of whole communities and populations.

  • High Value Care for Youth
    We are working to transform how healthcare for adolescents and young adults can be delivered and financed, recognizing that the rising costs of healthcare have not translated into an increase in quality of care, particularly for adolescents and young adults.  We are leading initiatives within our local Duke community and the state on new models to ensure better health outcomes, exceptional patient experiences, and lower costs.

Clinical Services

Our specialty clinical offerings include sexual and reproductive health services, management of psychological and behavioral health challenges, care of youth with complex chronic health conditions throughout adolescence and young adulthood, assessment and management of pubertal trajectories, promotion of safe and rewarding sport involvement, and the preservation of ideal cardiovascular health, among other services.

Education and Training

We work with students and trainees from medical, nursing, physician assistant, dietetics, and behavioral and mental health training programs to educate future generations of adolescent advocates and health experts.


Our research activities are diverse and include ongoing efforts in the domains of adolescent preventive services, sexual and reproductive health, chronic illness and transition, behavioral economics, health policy, cardiometabolic health, health technology, sociology, youth development, and population health.

Team Members

Richard J. Chung, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Naomi N. Duke, MD, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Gary R. Maslow, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Assistant Clinical Professor in the School of Nursing

Charlene A. Wong, MD, MSHP
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Member in the Duke Clinical Research Institute
Core Faculty Member in the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy