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As a leader in pediatric medicine, we depend on the contributions of a large support staff, whose expertise and dedication serve to facilitate the division's administrative, clinical, education and research operations.

Nurse Clinicians

Name Role
Amy Bowen Clinical Nurse Specialist
Miladis Faucette Medical Assistant
Shannon Morgan, CPNP Nurse Practitioner
Patricia Malone, RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist
Brandee Rook Clinical Nurse Specialist
Susan Soleo, RN, BSN Nurse Clinician
Faye Ubinger, RN Nurse Clinician
Catherine Williams, RN Assistant Research Practice Manager

Nutritionist / Dietitian

Name Role
Margaret McHenry Nutritionist
Sierra Nager Nutritionist
Angela Rutherford Nutritionist
Lesley Stanford, MS, RD, CSP Nutritionist / Dietitian
Karen Stave Nutritionist
Vanessa Yount, RD, LDN Nutritionist

Administrative Staff

Name Role
Peter Malinosky Senior Business Manager
Ashley James Administrative Coordinator
Gilda Morana Staff Assistant
Nicole Sall Staff Assistant