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Spina Bifidia Clinic receives national recognition

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
John Wiener, MD with patient

The Spina Bifida Association (SBA) announced its inaugural group of 31 clinics from across the country, including Duke Children's, that met 10 standards identified as best practices to care for people with spina bifida. These clinics have dedicated health care professionals who partner with people living with spina bifida and their families to provide expert care and help identify research priorities.

Clinic Care Partners will collaborate with other providers and SBA to share ideas with a national network of providers that have also been recognized as SBA Clinic Care Partners. During this 4-year partnership, they will implement best practices that ensure people with spina bifida receive the best care possible to have fulfilling lives.  

 “We are excited to begin working with our first group of Clinic Care Partners. These clinics are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with spina bifida, working with the SBA and their peers in the medical community, sharing ideas and best practices to help ensure people in the spina bifida community receive care that allows them to live their best lives,” said Judy Thibadeau, SBA’s Director of Research and Services. 

The inaugural group of awardees will be presented at SBA’s 2nd Annual Clinical Care Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from June 4-6.  

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About the Spina Bifida Association

The mission of the Spina Bifida Association is to build a better and brighter future for all people impacted by Spina Bifida. The SBA achieves its mission through the work of volunteers—adults with Spina Bifida, family members and caregivers, and health care providers—throughout the nation. SBA touches thousands of people each year through research, clinical care, education and support, network building, and advocacy.