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Program Benefits


Long-Term Leave Policy

The Department of Pediatrics offers up to 12 weeks of leave to residents for the birth or adoption of a child, illness, disability, family emergency, or any condition that falls under the conditions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This may include up to six weeks of paid time and four weeks of transitional time.  

In accordance with the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) policies, any leave that exceeds four weeks per academic year must be made up by additional periods of training.      
In anticipation of planned long-term leave, a Department representative will meet with the resident to discuss various leave options. Together they will decide on a plan that best meets the needs of the resident.   
Long-term leave plans may include the following components:                                            

  • Sick leave: Trainees may schedule one week of paid leave per academic year.
  • Vacation: Trainees may schedule up to three consecutive weeks of vacation as a part of their paid leave.
  • UNPAID leave: Trainees may schedule unpaid leave in accordance with FMLA.  
  • Department PAID leave: Trainees may schedule up to two weeks of Department paid leave in addition to the ABP-sanctioned paid leave for FMLA qualified time. Any leave that exceeds one month per academic year must be made up by additional periods of training.
  • Transitional elective: Trainees may spend four weeks transitioning back to work in a call free, flexible, elective rotation.  

Stipend Levels

Stipend levels are paid commensurate with the responsibility of training position. The following are stipend levels for 2018-2019:

2019 - 2020 GME Trainee Stipends

Level Annual Monthly
1 $56,880 $4,740
2 $59,184 $4,932
3 $61,464 $5,122
4 $63,984 $5,332
5 $66,456 $5,538
6 $69,084 $5,757
7 $71,544 $5,962
8 $74,424 $6,202
9 $76,644 $6,387
10 $79,284 $6,607
11 $82,020 $6,835
12 $84,852 $7,071


The Graduate Medical Education Office provides free parking for all residents.