Education and Training

Fellowship Program 

The overall goal of the program is the consummate preparation of physicians as allergy and immunology specialists. The fellowship training program meets this goal by building on the established tradition of excellence while developing new ideas in the following areas: mentorship/professional development, fellowship balance, education, patient care, and research.

The pediatric allergy and immunology fellowship training program was established at Duke University Medical Center by Susan C. Dees, MD, in the early 1940's and became widely recognized as an excellent program for clinical training in the field. Over the years, this important tradition has been upheld, and the program has been expanded to include immunology, and more recently, molecular biology training as well. More than 100 fellows have completed their training here since the program's inception. Approximately two-thirds have gone on to become full or part-time members of various medical school faculties and many are themselves now program directors. The remainder have gone on to become private practitioners of the specialty or leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Many of these physicians are recognized in their communities and nationally as outstanding consultants and teachers in allergy and clinical immunology. Over the years, graduates of this program have been highly recruited by academic institutions, private practice groups, and industry.