Scholarly Culture and Accountability

The Scholarly Culture and Accountability plan outlines the strategies for the Department of Pediatrics to ensure proper policies and procedures are in place to guarantee laboratory safety, proper basic science and clinical study procedures, and the appropriate use of animals in research. These policies will reflect the highest professional conduct and promote a culture in which scientific review and data integrity are held to a higher level of accountability.


The Department of Pediatrics has prepared a Scholarly Culture & Accountability Plan following the guidelines provided, which details three levels of responsibility for promoting a culture that encourages responsible data management and produces data of the highest integrity – individual, division, and department – and reflects these important principles:

  • We foster an environment where scientific integrity is the highest priority.

  • We emphasize high-quality, reproducible data and results.

  • We value constructive critiques of research.

  • We allow open discussion of any concerns regarding research conduct or integrity.

Each and every member of the Department of Pediatrics – faculty, trainees, staff, and administrators – is expected to exemplify these values. The department has a shared commitment to the highest standards of science culture and accountability.

Please view the departmental Scholarly Culture & Accountability Plan on the Department of Pediatrics Intranet (requires Duke NetID).

Department Contact

Vice Chair, Research
Christoph Hornik, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Critical Care Medicine
Chief, Division of Quantitative Sciences