Paridhi Shah, MD

paridhi shah

Start Year:  2019


Sayreville, NJ

Where did you attend college/university?
Monmouth University

Where did you attend medical school?
Drexel University

Reflections on the Duke program

What were you looking for in a residency program?
I was looking for a program where I felt like I fit in the current residents. After talking to many of them, I realize how easy the conversation flowed and how I genuinely loved the area AND the people at Duke.

What are the strengths of the Duke program?
I think the size of the program is one of the biggest strengths of Duke! The size allows for everyone in the class to get to know one another and develops camaraderie between colleagues. As a future child neurology resident, it was also great to see how assimilated the child neurology residents were with the pediatric residents.

Personal interests

What is something interesting/surprising about you?
I am learning how to cook so I have been following a bunch of new recipes online. I have burned quite a few dishes, but I'm finally getting the hang of it. I also love having some friends over and cooking meals together! There's nothing like food that brings people close together!