New and competing renewal awards for April 2022

The following is a list of new and competing renewal awards that were made to faculty in the Department of Pediatrics for the month of April 2022. Please extend your congratulations to the following individuals. 

Christoph Hornik (Critical Care Medicine) received an award from the National Institutes of Health/NICHD for a project entitled, Digoxin Pharmacodynamics in Infants with Heart Failure due to Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease. The project period is 04/01/2022-02/28/2026.

Priya Kishnani (Medical Genetics) received an award from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, LLC for a project entitled, Medical Education and Awareness Program for Future Health Care Providers in Genetics for LSD. The project period is 04/01/2022-03/31/2023.

Priya Kishnani (Medical Genetics) received an award from Genzyme Corporation for project entitled, Factors in Immune Response Affecting Long-term Treatment Outcomes in Pompe disease (CRIM). The project period is 03/07/2022-12/31/2024.

Priya Kishnani (Medical Genetics) received an award from Genzyme Corporation for a project entitled, Understanding cognitive and neurological pathologies in infantile Pompe disease CNS. The project period is 03/17/2022-12/31/2024.

Corinne Linardic (Hematology-Oncology) received an award from the Alex Lemonade Stand for a project entitled, Therapeutic Potential and Us of Novel CRISPR Technology for IncRNA Knockdown in Rhabdomyosarcoma. The project period is 05/23/2022-07/15/2022.

Andrew Landstrom (Cardiology) received an award from the Hartwell Foundation for a project entitled, Evaluating Wnt-Modulators as a Therapy for Treatment of Arrhythmic Cardiomyopathy In Vivo. The project period is 04/01/2022-03/31/2025.

Baodong Sun (Medical Genetics), received an award from the National Institutes of Health/NIAMSD for a project entitled, Gene Therapy for Glycogen Storage Disease Type III. The project period is 04/01/2022-03/31/2023.

Elizabeth Thompson (Cardiology) and Kanecia Zimmerman (Critical Care Medicine) received an award from Thrasher Research Fund forr a project entitled, Optimizing Caffeine Exposure to Reduce Post-Cardiopulmonary Bypass Acute Kidney Injury in Neonates. The project period is 01/01/2022-12/31/2023.

Emmanuel Walter (Infectious Diseases) received an award from Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc./NIH for a project entitled, COVID-19 Adaptive Variant Immunologic Landscape Trial or COVAIL Trial. The project period is 03/30/2022-12/31/2023.

Congratulations to these faculty on their awards and best wishes to them in their investigative work.

Christoph Hornik, MD, MPH
Vice Chair, Research
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Critical Care Medicine
Chief, Division of Quantitative Sciences