How to relax and recharge at the holidays

By Leadership Cafe

If you’re feeling a little stressed at the holidays, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 41 percent of adults report an increase in worrying at this time of year. Reasons include family tensions, religious differences, financial concerns, social obligations, travel challenges, a heightened sense of loss or grief, and more. 

We asked our own Culture and Well-being team​​ for some tips on how to reduce those stressors so you can focus on what matters most: gathering with those who mean a lot to you to enjoy life’s most precious moments. And because time is at a premium in December, we’re keeping it really brief.

Making ​plans
Plan ahead. Set boundaries. Set and​​ follow a budget. Plan healthy food options. Schedule in breaks. Be flexible. 

Take your PTO if you have it. If you’re ou​​t of office, be all the way out: Put up an out-of-office message and don’t check your email. Identify one thing you’ll do that’s just for you. 

Managing your thoughts
Be realistic with your holiday expectations;​​ this time of year is rarely perfect. Take breaks from social media. Recognize that you are human, and that others are, too. 

Navigating conversation​​s
Pause before responding. Look for areas of agreement. Accept people as they are. Maintain reasonable expectations.

Navigating emotions
Take time to feel the feels—and with those feels, include healthy options. Get outside and do things you enjoy. Find something to be awed by or grateful for. If there was something difficult this year, nam​​e it and consciously set it aside. 

Connecting with o​thers
Reach out to friends and family. Join community events. Volunteer. Seek professional hel​​​p as needed.

We hope you are able to minimize your holiday stressors this year and focus on what brings you the most joy!