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Feature: Duke Eye Center Pediatric Services

Friday, October 8, 2021
Tanya Glaser, MD

Duke Eye Center offers pediatric eye care led by prominent physicians who are internationally recognized for their contributions to advancing patient care. Duke's state-of-the-art care helps thousands of children restore or improve vision.

The following are some highlights of the Duke Eye Center's pediatric services.

New Pediatric Ophthalmologist 

Tanya Glaser, MD

Dr. Glaser completed her ophthalmology residency and fellowship training at Duke Eye Center. She also served as Chief Resident for one year following her residency prior to entering fellowship. Dr. Glaser's practice focuses on childhood glaucoma, cataracts, and the management of children and adults with ocular alignment issues, called strabismus, and treatment of amblyopia. 

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Duke Eye Center Recently Launched a Pediatric Myopia Clinic

Myopia, or nearsightedness can interfere with a child's day-to-day activities.  We offer new treatment approaches beyond corrective glasses that show promise at slowing its progression. Controlling the advancement of your child’s myopia can improve their long-term eye health and reduce their risk for more serious eye conditions when they are adults.

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Specialty Trained Pediatric Optometrists

Duke Eye Center has three residency trained pediatric optometrists. They see children for routine eye exams, failed vision screenings, fit children with routine and specialty contact lens fittings for situations including post-operative congenital cataract, corneal scarring and keratoconus and they treat pediatric patients for eye movement disorders.

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Duke Pediatric Retina and Optic Nerve Center (DPROC)

A group of clinicians and scientists dedicated to helping infants and children improve eye and brain health.  DPROC offers unique diagnostic and research capabilities for assessment of pediatric eye and brain development and diseases. Utilizing the largest database of infant eye imaging in the world our team can safely diagnose and treat:

  • Pediatric Glaucoma
  • Pediatric optic nerve disease
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Pediatric retinal diseases

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