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Department Evaluation Requests (Process Change)

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
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The following message pertains to all clinical faculty in the Department of Pediatrics.

  • The Credentialing Verfication Office (CVO) will now be sending Department Evaluation requests via email directly to the Chair/Chief/One-Up as identified by each applicant on his/her reappointment application. This process is being implemented to ensure that the most qualified person evaluate each applicant on behalf of the department. Physicians being re-credentialed should select their Division Chief/ Supervising Physician evaluator and two peer evaluators when submitting their re-credentialing packets to the CVO.
  • Evaluators will be contacted twice by the CVO to complete the evaluation survey.  
  • Please note this is a new process. Division Chief/Supervising Physician evaluators will receive these requests via email with the subject line: Dept Chair/Div Chief/Supervising Physician Survey Link Letter.
  • The peer reference requests will be sent via email by the CVO to physicians with the subject line: Peer Reference Survey.

If you have questions, please contact Gloria Howard at

[Note: This information will be re-posted every quarter (January, April, July and October)].