Primary Care Pediatrics



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The Division of Children’s Primary Care is dedicated to providing comprehensive well-child and acute care for infants through age 21. We provide a wealth of services for our patients, including admitting privileges at Duke and Durham Regional Hospitals, adolescent specialty care, on-site mental health services, a nurse advice line, prenatal visits, lactation services, and sports medicine. Our wellness services include immunizations and routine physical examinations, including those required for school, competitive athletics, and camp.

We focus on the medical and developmental needs of our patient population and provide a wide range of wellness services and first-line diagnostic and treatment services. We offer comprehensive care for the entire range of childhood illnesses. All of our pediatricians are members of the faculty at the Duke University School of Medicine and are board-certified. The faculty and staff in the Division of General Pediatrics constantly work to improve our health care knowledge in order to provide our patients with state-of-the-art care. Some physicians have interests and expertise in certain pediatric specialties, such as adolescent medicine, integrative medicine and sports medicine. Some of our physicians pursue purely clinical, educational and advocacy activities. Others are more heavily involved in primary care related research. Some are full-time, some are part-time. All provide excellent patient care.

Annually, we serve more than 19,000 patients during more than 50,000 visits. We see patients from birth up to age 21. We have a diverse race and ethnic patient profile: 41% are Caucasian, 37% are African-American, 5% are Latino, 4% are Asian, and the remainder are either unspecified or other.  Over half of our patients are five years old and under, 54.6%. The next largest age group, from 6-12 years, is 27.4% of our patients. Adolescents through age 18 comprise 16.6% by age, with only 1.4% between the ages of 19 and 21.