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Network Affiliations

Federally Sponsored Research Networks

The Department of Pediatrics participates in a number of federally funded clinical research networks. These networks and their principal investigators are listed below.

Global Health Research Initiatives

Faculty in the Department of Pediatrics are involved in a number of global research initiatives facilitated by the Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI). The Duke Global Health Institute is committed to reducing health disparities in the local community and in resource-limited regions of the world. Recognizing that many global health problems arise from economic, social, environmental, political and health care inequalities, DGHI brings together interdisciplinary teams to solve complex health problems and to train the next generation of global health scholars.

As the passion for global health grows within the Duke community, we expect the number of Department of Pediatrics faculty who are involved in global health efforts in education, research, policy or service to expand.


International Pediatric Fungal Network (IPFN)

The multi-center International Pediatric Fungal Network (PFN) was created to gain a complete understanding of the scope and character of pediatric fungal infections in order to improve the care of our patients. The primary mission of the PFN is to increase the knowledge of pediatric invasive fungal infections and discern any undescribed characteristics or outcomes unique to pediatric patients through a coordinated network of scientific investigation.

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Pediatric Trials Network (PTN)

The Pediatric Trials Network is an alliance of clinical research sites located around the United States that are cooperating in the design and conduct of pediatric clinical trials to improve health care for the youngest patients. The PTN is studying the formulation, dosing, efficacy, and safety of drugs, as well as the development of medical devices, used in pediatric patients. Danny Benjamin, MD, the Kiser-Arena Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases), is the principal investigator for the Pediatric Trials Network, which is centered at Duke. 

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Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), the world's largest academic clinical research organization, conducts pediatric clinical trials on an unprecedented scale. These trials involve thousands of participants from across the globe and combine the clinical expertise and academic leadership of a premier teaching hospital with the full-service operational capabilities of a major contract research organization.
DCRI pediatric research experience ranges from pharmacokinetic studies in neonates to large, multi-center trials in adolescent populations. The faculty are renowned, experienced researchers in all of the most crucial therapeutic areas, and are also practicing physicians, observing the results of hard-won evidence right at the bedside.
Added to this academic and clinical expertise is the unique operational capability of the DCRI making it the undisputed world leader in pediatric clinical research.
To learn more about DCRI-sponsored pediatric research activities, please visit the Duke Primary Care Research Consortium and Pediatric Clinical Trials sections of the DCRI web site.