Physical Environment

1000 Mother-Infant Dyads Study

Sallie Permar, MD, PhDGeeta Swamy, MDHeather Stapleton, PhD

The first 1000 days of life profoundly influence later health and disease; however, there are few cohorts that have investigated maternal and fetal/infant exposures over that time period.

We will develop a cohort of 1000 mother-infant dyads and collect biospecimens and information on health, socioeconomic factors, and environmental exposures from the first trimester of pregnancy through the 2nd year of life (and beyond).


  • Elucidation of maternal/fetal risk factors and exposures
  • Tracking of early childhood exposures
  • Analysis of socioeconomic factors and health behaviors during pregnancy and early childhood
  • Biospecimen collections from pregnancy, birth, and early childhood
  • Long-term electronic health record and academic performance tracking

Translating Duke Health-CHDI Pilot Grant Awardee

Extremely Preterm Infants Cohort: Mechanisms of Early Life Growth Failure and its Impact on Early Childhood Outcomes