Data Science/Analytics

Asthma Patient-Environment Interactions

Nearly 10% of children in the US have asthma, and nearly half have severe asthma exacerbations that require immediate medical attention.

Interrogate the interactions between environmental factors (both natural and built) and patient-level characteristics to elucidate the multi-factorial causes of severe asthma exacerbations.


  • Understand how patient-level factors (prematurity, obesity, allergy) influence susceptibility to asthma triggers
  • Identify geographic asthma hotspots within Durham
  • Develop new preventative strategies and interventions, such as mobile alert apps to let patients know if one of their environmental triggers will increase in the next few days
  • Model for studying environment-disease-patient interactions

Translating Duke Health-CHDI Request for Applications Awardee

Exploratory Analysis of Provision and Utilization of Multidisciplinary Team-Based and Community-Based Care for Cleft Lip and/or Palate in North Carolina