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Three Pediatrics teams win Strength, Hope & Caring Awards

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Strength, Hope & Caring Awards

Three Pediatrics teams have won 2017 Strength, Hope & Caring Awards in the following categories:

Duke Hospital Award Winners

Duke Peds RT ECMO Team (Team Award)

The team’s nominator wrote, “The Peds RT ECMO Specialists are an amazing team who support our smallest and sickest patients on life support. They form bonds with the patients, staff in the unit, and families.” The ECMO manager, Desiree Bonadonna, sent the note below to them after a particularly challenging time.

“Thank you for the wonderful care you provide the patients of the PICU, PCICU and ICN every day. You are an extraordinary team of ECMO Specialists and RTs and constantly go above and beyond. It has been an exceptionally hard few months, but what I have seen in the face of multiple devastating tragedies is nothing short of amazing. On top of your phenomenal clinical skills, you have brought humanity to what most would call inhumane situations. You have brought kindness to the suffering. You stood in as surrogate mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to children and families going through the unimaginable. When a child cried for you to stay with them all night long, you did. You created beautiful artwork to uplift a family’s spirits. You braided hair, held hands, wiped tears, gave hugs and painted nails. You wore a brave face so as not to scare a child. You never complained about the 500th playing of Frozen. You willingly participated in the cheesy to solicit one last smile. … You advocated for your patients. You held each other up, supported your fellow Specialists and RTs as well as the nursing staff, residents, fellows, NPs and attendings. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I’m sorry.”

Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (Team Award)

This team’s nominator wrote, “In the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU), the patients rarely get a chance to travel outside of the unit on a pleasure trip due to their acuity. The majority of the trips outside of the unit are to CT, MRI or to the OR. . .

“One day it was decided that the patients in the unit needed to have a field trip to experience the warm weather. The charge nurse, Katie Hepditch, coordinated with Jon Meliones (PCICU attending) on how to make this trip successful and safe.

“{Several} patients. . .were packed up, with the appropriate safety equipment and personnel, and they traveled to the courtyard outside of the cafeteria. . . Seven PCICU nurses and one child life specialist (Emily Depetris) all worked together in order to make this work. They timed it perfectly with the patients’ meds, feeds, treatments, etc., in order to not miss any care given. Several family members were able to make the journey as well.

“These patients were able to have a sense of normalcy amongst their hospital stay, even if it was for only 30 minutes, due to these fabulous staff members. They truly care about these children and trying to create a fun environment for them.

PDC Award Winners

Child Abuse and Neglect Med Eval Team (Team Award)

This team’s nominator wrote, “It is my pleasure to nominate my Team for the Strength, Hope and Caring Award. The Duke Child Abuse and Neglect Medical Evaluation Team is comprised of the most committed, generous and compassionate interdisciplinary clinicians I have had the opportunity to know. Every day, our clinicians talk to the children about the most difficult, traumatic experiences in their lives, and they do so in a supportive, patient-centered environment. They assess children for concerns for abuse, working diligently with community providers to ensure their safety and wellness. Our team members have gone the extra mile countless times, although they would say ‘I’m just doing my job!.’. . .My team members do this work every day because it is the right thing to do. I would like to acknowledge them for all their efforts, and I hope they inspire others to do the same.”