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Spotlight: Peter Malinosky

Friday, November 9, 2018
Peter Malinosky

Peter Malinosky doesn’t like to change flat tires, but he was happy to help a coworker who discovered one after her shift.

Malinosky, a senior business manager in the Department of Pediatrics, saw Mary Cooter struggling to get the lug nuts off of her flat tire after work, and he jumped right into action.

“It looked like she was struggling a little bit with the lug nuts, so I wanted to help out,” said Malinosky. “I try to have a “how can I help” attitude when it comes to coworkers, even when it’s after the work day.”

During his eight years of service as a combat medic and paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army, Malinosky was occasionally asked to change Humvee tires.

“It was a real pain changing Humvee tires when I served,” said Malinosky. “So, I joked with Mary about my experience changing those tires while I was helping her. I told her that I thought her tire would be a little easier to replace. I was right.”

“He really went above and beyond to help me,” said Cooter, a biostatistician III for anesthesiology at Duke University Hospital. “I tried to tell him that I would be fine when he approached me, but he insisted on helping me.”

For Malinosky, his action was simply a reflection of his personal values.

“If I can see a way to help someone, I just do it. I’d encourage others to jump right in and help others when they can, too.”