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Perrin elected Research Chair of Academic Pediatric Association (APA)

Friday, October 27, 2017
Eliana Perrin

Eliana Perrin, MD, professor of pediatrics and chair of the Division of Primary Care was recently elected to chair the National Research Committee for the Academic Pediatric Association (APA). She will serve one term for three years beginning in the spring of 2018.

The APA is an organization dedicated to leadership in education, research, patient care, and advocacy. The research committee oversees programming and awards, specifically collaborative research networks, like CORNET (practice based research network composed of pediatric residency continuity practices), BORN (which increases the evidence of term and near term newborns), PRIS (improving delivery of health and healthcare to hospitalized children).  This committee also oversees the Research Scholars Program (a program designed to help APA members interested in enhancing academic credentials and developing research skills) and the Young Investigator Awards program (awarded to trainees and junior faculty who conduct research related to child health promotion, health services, teaching, and patient care) .

”The APA has been my academic home for 20 years, and the Research Committee’s areas are where I am most engaged,” says Perrin. “I will really enjoy partnering in the leadership of these wonderful programs. I will be working toward improved synergy in programming and better national recognition of the APA research activities so the next generation of scholars engages with the formal programs even more.”

 In addition, Perrin will advocate on important topics of pediatric research, such as national research budgets, training goals, faculty and mentoring development, and how research informs advocacy and policy. She looks forward to working with other societies on interdisciplinary research.

“I think all of these activities will also help our own Department of Pediatrics, since there is a strong tradition of research scholars and wonderful trainees who we hope will be engaged in innovative and interdisciplinary research of the APA,” Perrin explained. “There will be a nice dovetailing of efforts between the Division of Primary Care, the Department of Pediatrics, and Duke and these national efforts since all share an exciting vision focused on improving health care research to benefit children.”  

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