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Four pediatrics faculty receive ENABLE grants

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) is pleased to announce that 25 PDC members from eight clinical departments, including four from the Department of Pediatrics, have received grants to expand their involvement in basic science research. The Enhanced Academics in a Basic Laboratory Environment (ENABLE) program provides up to two years of salary support to PDC members to dedicate a portion of their effort working closely with a primary research team. 

The goals of the ENABLE program are to support the career development of PDC members and to embed a clinician into a research environment to advance the research and clinical program.  

The recipients from the Department of Pediatrics include:

  • Armstrong, Sarah (Primary Care / Healthy Lifestyles): Reducing Obesity and Chronic Disease through Clinical and Basic Science Collaboration
  • Balikcioglu, Pinar Gumus (Endocrinology): Pathogenesis and Prevention of T2D
  • Dvergsten, Jeffrey (Rheumatology): Developing Innovative Therapies for Treating Autoimmune Disease
  • Van Mater, Heather (Rheumatology): Characterizing IBrainD Conditions Clinically and Investigating the Underlying Etiology of Disease

Read the full list of recipients.