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Four new Track Trails open in Durham

Saturday, June 1, 2019
Daniel Ostrovsky

On June 1 at 11:30 am at Rock Quarry Park in Durham, Duke Children’s Primary Care in collaboration with Kids in Parks, Children’s Miracle Network, Durham City Parks, and BCBS Foundation celebrated the opening and sponsoring of four new Track Trails in Durham.

Kids in Parks connects kids to public lands through kid friendly track trails which have fun, self-guided activities in which children can engage with nature and also earn prizes. Health care professionals can prescribe track trail adventures to their patients through the TrackRx program as a way to encourage healthy behaviors in children.

Through a Kids Care Grant supported by the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Duke Children’s Primary Care was able to sponsor new trails located near their clinics which will be accessible to the population they serve. The four Track Trails are located in Rock Quarry Park, Whippoorwill Park, Bethesda Park, and Sandy Creek Park and feature bilingual (English and Spanish) trailhead kiosks and materials. When a child completes and registers their adventure on the Kids in Parks website, a prize is mailed directly to the child. The goal is to foster healthy behaviors and a love of the outdoors through the promotion of fun and safe parks in our community.

Special thanks to members of our community and their families who joined us for the opening ceremony and an adventure at the Rock Quarry Park Track Trail.