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Duke launches autism research app

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
By Duke Today
Autism app

A team of researchers and software developers from Duke University and the Duke Medical Center has introduced a free iOS app to learn more about autism in young children living around the world.

Beginning Thursday, a ResearchKit app called “Autism & Beyond” is being offered from the Apple App Store for use on iOS devices. ResearchKit is a new open-source framework developed by Apple that allows researchers to create app-based studies with a global reach.

The free program from Duke is not a diagnostic tool. It is intended to test the reliability of smart phone questionnaires and video analysis of facial expressions as a possible screening tool for autism and other developmental disorders of children.

Parents and children will interact with questionnaires and videos on the app and then receive some feedback, such as how to deal with tantrums if that’s an issue, or what the child’s apparent risk for autism might be. In some cases, families will be encouraged to seek further consultation with their health care providers.

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