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Duke Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan

Thursday, July 7, 2016
Mark Newman; William J. Fulkerson

Over the past year, administrative and physician leaders spanning Duke’s clinical enterprise have partnered with the health system clinical planning group to develop a comprehensive strategic plan.  This plan has been completed, approved by the DUHS board of directors, and will now serve as the basis for clinical decision-making over the next three to five years.

Creating the plan has been a collaborative effort between the Health System and the PDC.  We’re pleased to report that it is synergistic with the goals and objectives identified in the PDC strategic plan completed last year.  This plan also serves as the clinical care component of the broader Duke Health Strategic Planning Framework.

The plan was developed in response to inputs from a variety of internal and external data resources and is intended to focus our clinical enterprise on action, urgency and execution.  It is flexible enough to adjust to needs resulting from market evolution and consumer demands and is consistent with our values and commitment to quality patient care and service.  It is also integrated with concurrent strategic initiatives we are pursuing.

The goals of the plan are to:

1)  Lead in the delivery of the highest quality, patient centered care;
2)  Integrate to optimize coordination of care;
3)  Grow and extend our reach locally, regionally and nationally;
4)  Invest in innovation to create sustainable differentiation and value;
5)  Deliver on the promise of population health.

And, the specific recommendations and tactics in the plan fall into five actionable categories:

1)  Our delivery network;
2)  Support for high reliability care;
3)  Patient experience/engagement;
4)  Organizational design enhancements;
5)  Creation of value from Duke’s unique intellectual capital and academic infrastructure.

We are confident that our clinical enterprise now has a disciplined data-driven strategic plan to guide our decision-making and resource allocations over the next few years.  While the plan is intended to be a three to five year plan, we also recognize the speed with which many market forces continue to evolve.  Our intent is for this to be a “living” plan that can be updated as needed.

This plan is currently being rolled out through presentations at a variety of meetings across the Health System.  In addition, a document summarizing the plan is available at the link below.  If you have any questions about the roll out, please contact Gail Shulby, Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice President, via email at  

Link to document:  Clinical Enterprise Strategic Plan

DUHS and PDC Managers/Clinical Faculty and Providers

William J. Fulkerson, Jr., MD, Executive Vice President, DUHS
Mark Newman, MD, President, PDC