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Celebrating our Senior Residents and Fellows

Friday, June 14, 2019
McGovern Davison Children's Health Center

The 2019 Resident and Fellow graduation and awards ceremony was held during Grand Rounds on Tuesday, June 18. The Department of Pediatrics extends our congratulations and thanks to this talented group of physicians and scientists. We wish you the very best as you enter your specialty and hope you reflect back on your Duke training as a formative and integral part of your education. 

Graduating Pediatrics Residents

  • Kristin Bonello, MD, MS
  • Julie Childers, MD, PhD
  • Taiziana Coppola, MD
  • Elizabeth Greene, MD
  • Amanda Johnson, MD
  • Abigail Keogh, MD
  • Lauren Klein, MD
  • Emily Mauller, MD
  • Ganga Moorthy, MD
  • Jordan Pung, MD
  • Anna Ruderman, MD
  • Elizabeth Thompson, MD
  • Rohan Vilms, MD, MPH
  • Mattie Wolf, MD
  • Christopher Zimmerman, MD

Graduating Med-Peds Residents

  • Sarah Cohen, MD
  • David Fuller, MD
  • Courtney Lamberton, MD
  • Erin McGuire, MD
  • Ashley Naughton, MD
  • Rebecca Ruf, MD

Graduating Fellows and Subspecialty Residents

Allergy and Immunology

  • Tyler Yates, MD
  • Anusha Vadlamudi, MD

Allergy and Immunology Advanced Training Program

  • Monica Tang, MD
  • Carolyn Baloh, MD

Biochemical Medical Genetics

  • William Hannah, MD

Blood and Marrow Transplant

  • Saisha Muniz Alers, MD
  • Jennifer Brondon, MD


  • Reid Chamberlain, MD
  • Andrew McCrary, MD
  • McAllister Windom, MD

Cardiac Electrophysiology

  • M. David Weiland, MD

Critical Care Medicine

  • Amanda Kolmar, MD
  • Karan Kumar, MD
  • Candice Ray, MD
  • Matthew Pizzuto, MD


  • Caleb Nannes, MD
  • Mimi Tesfaye, MD

Infectious Diseases

  • Frances Saccoccio, MD

Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

  • Kristin Weimer, MD
  • Keyaria Gray, MD
  • Kaitlin Ryan-Smith, MD
  • Anongnart Sirisabya, MD (International Fellow)

Neurology Residency

  • Anna Bunker, MD
  • Steven Trau, MD


  • Adam Bensimhon, MD


  • Cory Stingl, MD

Special Infant Care

  • Erin McGloin Shanahan, MD


  • Appleseed Award from Medical Students
    Michael Abercrombie, Kathryn Blew, Shant Keskinyan, Courtney Lamberton, Kathryn Taylor, Christopher Zimmerman

  • Robert P. Drucker Medical Student Teaching Awards
    ​​Grace Lee, Anna Williams, Anna Ruderman
  • NICU Award 
    Kayli Kishel, Amanda Saad, Ganga Moorthy​
  • PICU Award 
    Anna Williams
  • ED Award 
    Mattie Wolf
  • Arena-Palumbo Division Teaching Award 
    Critical Care
  • Samuel L. Katz Faculty Award 
    Kyle Rehder
  • Michael M. Frank Fellow Teaching Award
    Karan Kumar 
  • Deborah Kredich Resident Teaching Award 
    Anna Ruderman
  • William Bell Award 
    Mattie Wolf
  • SAR Talk Award 
    Amanda Johnson and Elizabeth Thompson
  • James A. Stockman Award
    Jordan Pung