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Celebrating our Senior Residents and Fellows

Thursday, June 21, 2018
McGovern-Davison Children's Health Center

The 2018 Resident and Fellow graduation and awards ceremony was held during Grand Rounds on Tuesday, June 19. The Department of Pediatrics extends our congratulations and thanks to this talented group of physicians and scientists. We wish you the very best as you enter your specialty and hope you reflect back on your Duke training as a formative and integral part of your education. 

Graduating Pediatrics Residents

  • Mary Buckley, MD

  • Agnes Chao, MD

  • Julie Dial, MD

  • Avital Fischer, MD

  • Amy Gaultney, MD, MTS

  • Stephen Kenny, MD

  • Kristy Moryan-Blanchard, MD

  • David Noyd, MD

  • Jessica Panks, MD

  • Jonathan Pelletier, MD

  • Megan Pike, MD

  • Rachel Randell, MD

  • Scott Sexton, MD

  • Melody Shi, MD

  • Ryan Spotts, MD

  • Jacqueline Squire, MD

Graduating Med-Peds Residents

  • Logan Eberly, MD

  • Ashley Hanlon, MD, MSc

  • Haley Hostetler, MD

  • Laura Miller, MD, MSc

  • Pavle Milutiovic, MD, PhD

  • John Paul Shoup, MD

Graduating Fellows and Subspecialty Residents

Allergy and Immunology Advanced Training Program

  • Renee Kleris, MD, MPH

Biochemical Medical Genetics

  • Jariya Upadia, MD

Blood and Marrow Transplant

  • Sei-Gyung Sze, MD


  • M. David Weiland, MD

Critical Care Medicine

  • Jennifer Sherwin, MD
  • Samantha Dallefield, MD
  • Stephanie Schwartz, MD


  • Kalindi Narine, MD
  • Saisha Muniz Alers, MD

Infectious Diseases

  • Nazario Riverea Chaparro, MD

Med/Peds Rheumatology

  • Rebecca Sadun, MD
  • Stephen Balevic, MD

Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

  • Megan Berube, MD
  • Mihai Puia Dumitrescu, MD
  • J. Ryan Heinrick, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

  • Laura Page, MD

Special Infant Care

  • Mollie G. Warren, MD

Child Neurology

  • Kathleen Cardinale, MD
  • Ashley Helseth MD


  • Appleseed Award
    Rachel Cason, Michael Abercrombie, Haley Hostleter, Ryan Spotts, Tobias Straube, Jessica Panks, Agnes Chao
  • Robert P. Drucker Medical Student Teaching Awards
    Michael Abercrombie, Erik Ross, Ryan Spotts
  • NICU Award
    Michael Smith, Anna Williams, Jordan Pung, Agnes Chao
  • PICU Award
    Kristin Bonello
  • ED Award
    Jon Pelletier, Avital Fischer
  • Arena-Palumbo Division Teaching Award
    Infectious Diseases
  • Samuel L. Katz Faculty Award
    Katy Bartlett
  • Michael M. Frank Fellow Teaching Award
    Jacob Kilgore
  • Deborah Kredich Resident Teaching Award
    Jon Pelletier
  • William Bell Award
    Rachel Randell, Jacqueline Squire
  • SAR Talk Award
    Jon Pelletier, John Paul Shoup​
  • James A. Stockman Award
    John Paul Shoup