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2016 Department of Pediatrics faculty awards

Monday, August 15, 2016

Each year, Department of Pediatrics faculty members are nominated by their peers for the categories below in recognition of outstanding contributions to the health care of children.

Faculty Mentor Award

This year's recipient is Alex Kemper, MD, professor of pediatrics in the Division of Primary Care. This prize is awarded annually to a faculty member who excels as a mentor of faculty and/or trainees in any or all aspects of faculty or trainee responsibilities, including patient care, teaching, research, leadership and advocacy.

Previous winners  
Wesley Burks, MD 2010-11
Clay Bordley, MD 2011-12
Rebecca Buckley, MD 2012-13
Michael Freemark, MD 2013-14
Patrick Seed, MD, PhD 2014-15

Michael M. Frank, MD Research Prize

This year's recipient is Ronald Goldberg, MD, the Dorothy J. Shaad/Angus M. McBryde, Sr. Professor of Pediatrics and chief of the Division of Neonatology. This prize is awarded annually to a member of the Duke Pediatrics community who has made significant contributions to the health care of children. The prize was established by the Duke Children's National Board of Advisors in honor of Michael Frank, MD, who chaired the Department of Pediatrics from September 1990 to February 2004.

Previous winners  
Rebecca Buckley, MD 2004-05
Page Anderson, MD 2005-06
Y.T. Chen, MD, PhD 2006-07
Wesley Burks, MD 2007-08
Catherine Wilfert, MD 2008-09
Michael Frank, MD 2009-10
Margaret Kirby, PhD 2010-11
Michael Freemark, MD 2011-12
Louise Markert, MD, PhD 2012-13
Mohamad Mikati, MD 2013-14
Nancy Andrews, MD, PhD 2014-15