About Us

The Duke Department of Pediatrics has a strong commitment to global health and has numerous faculty working on children’s health initiatives internationally. In an effort to coordinate and effectively build upon these efforts, the Department of Pediatrics created the Division of Global Health in September 2011. The primary mission of the division is to improve the health of children in disadvantaged populations worldwide through research, education, and service. 

The division represents a true partnership with our collaborators at Duke and around the world and consists of a multi-disciplinary team of faculty with notable experience working in resource poor communities and mentoring and teaching future leaders in pediatrics.

A number of education and mentorship activities in global health already exist in the Department of Pediatrics, and the division will build on these activities. The division will work closely with the Duke Global Health Institute and the Duke Hubert-Yeargen Center for Global Health and with other universities and global institutions. An important aim is to deliver tailored postgraduate training experiences that integrate specialty-specific research opportunities, didactic training, and close mentorship to develop careers in global health.