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Rachel Cason, MD

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Elk City, OK

Where did you attend college/university?
Oklahoma State University

Where did you attend medical school?
University of Oklahoma

Reflections on the Duke program

What were you looking for in a residency program?
I was looking for a program with a focus on making great general pediatricians but also gave me adequate exposure to specialties. For me, this translated into having lots of time on general inpatient wards coupled with consistent outpatient clinic time and the ability to choose elective time.

What are the strengths of the Duke program?
Duke has a culture of education and makes this a priority. In addition to providing many didactic opportunities, there is sufficient patient care for hands on learning.

Duke University and Durham

What’s the best about living in Durham and the Triangle?
The best part of living in Durham and the Triangle is the food scene. I would never have to eat at the same restaurant twice if I didn't want to (but some are so good that I do want to)! I also like how the city and area are growing, but day-to-day life is not difficult - it's easy to go to the grocery store after work and easy to get around the town.

What advice would you give about moving to Durham?
If you're planning on buying a home, start looking early. The area is growing quickly and the real estate market is hot.

Personal interests

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love distance running and being outside for any reason. Durham and the Triangle are excellent spots for outdoors lovers like me. I also enjoy trying new restaurants with my husband and going to breweries with my co-residents.

What is something interesting/surprising about you?
I am Lebanese and love to cook Lebanese food with my grandma. We used to bake baklava every Christmas before I moved to Durham - we made almost 700 pieces of baklava for friends and relatives (and ourselves) last year!