Ivan K. Chinn, MD



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Medical Instructor in the Department of Pediatrics
Department / Division:
Pediatrics / Pediatrics-Allergy/Immunology
DUMC 103020
Durham, NC 27710
Appointment Telephone:
Office Telephone:
  • MD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, 2001
  • Pediatrics, Tulane University Medical Center (Louisiana), 2001-2004
  • Allergy-Immunology, Duke University Medical Center, 2004-2008
Clinical Interests:
Primary immune disorders and immunodeficiencies, thymus transplantation for DiGeorge syndrome, evaluation of recurrent infections, allergic diseases (including asthma, allergic rhinitis, food hypersensitivity)
Research Interests:
Diagnosis, treatment, and definitive cure of primary immunodeficiency diseases
Immune system development and maturation after reconstitution in human subjects
Mechanisms of tolerance after allogeneic thymus transplantation
Representative Publications:
  • Chinn, IK; Blackburn, CC; Manley, NR; Sempowski, GD. Changes in primary lymphoid organs with aging. Seminars in Immunology. 2012;24:309-320.  Abstract
  • Chinn, IK; Markert, ML. Induction of tolerance to parental parathyroid grafts using allogeneic thymus tissue in patients with DiGeorge anomaly. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2011;127:1351-1355.  Abstract
  • Markert, ML; Marques, JG; Neven, B; Devlin, BH; McCarthy, EA; Chinn, IK; Albuquerque, AS; Silva, SL; Pignata, C; de Saint Basile, G; Victorino, RM; Picard, C; Debre, M; Mahlaoui, N; Fischer, A; Sousa, AE. First use of thymus transplantation therapy for FOXN1 deficiency (nude/SCID): a report of 2 cases. Blood. 2011;117:688-696.  Abstract
  • Veerapandiyan, A; Chinn, IK; Schoch, K; Maloney, KA; Shashi, V. Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia in association with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and a BRCA2 mutation. European Journal of Medical Genetics. 2011;54:63-66.  Abstract
  • Chinn, IK; Olson, JA; Skinner, MA; McCarthy, EA; Gupton, SE; Chen, DF; Bonilla, FA; Roberts, RL; Kanariou, MG; Devlin, BH; Markert, ML. Mechanisms of tolerance to parental parathyroid tissue when combined with human allogeneic thymus transplantation. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2010;126:814-820.e8.  Abstract
  • Markert, ML; Devlin, BH; Chinn, IK; McCarthy, EA. Thymus transplantation in complete DiGeorge anomaly. Immunologic Research: a selective reference to current research and practice. 2009;44:61-70.  Abstract
  • Chinn, IK; Devlin, BH; Li, YJ; Markert, ML. Long-term tolerance to allogeneic thymus transplants in complete DiGeorge anomaly. Clinical Immunology. 2008;126:277-281.  Abstract
  • Markert, ML; Devlin, BH; Chinn, IK; McCarthy, EA; Li, YJ. Factors affecting success of thymus transplantation for complete DiGeorge anomaly. American Journal of Transplantation. 2008;8:1729-1736.  Abstract
  • Markert, ML; Devlin, BH; Alexieff, MJ; Li, J; McCarthy, EA; Gupton, SE; Chinn, IK; Hale, LP; Kepler, TB; He, M; Sarzotti, M; Skinner, MA; Rice, HE; Hoehner, JC. Review of 54 patients with complete DiGeorge anomaly enrolled in protocols for thymus transplantation: outcome of 44 consecutive transplants. Blood. 2007;109:4539-4547.  Abstract