Michael P. Carboni, MD



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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Department / Division:
Pediatrics / Pediatrics-Cardiology
DUMC 3090
Durham, NC 27710
Appointment Telephone:
Office Telephone:
  • MD, Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy, 1990
  • Pediatrics, University of Maryland Medical Center, 1990-1994
  • Pediatric Cardiology, Duke University Medical Center, 1994-1999
Clinical Interests:
Heart transplantation and heart failure; cardiomyopathy; congenital and acquired heart disease; inherited and acquired arrhythmias; implantation and follow-up of pacemakers and defibrillators; ablation of cardiac arrhythmias
Research Interests:
Inherited arrhythmias/channelopathies (e.g., Long QT syndrome, Brugada Syndrome)
Heart failure and cardiomyopathy in children
Cardiac transplantation in children
Arrhythmias in congenital heart disease
Rhythm device management in children and congenital heart disease
Representative Publications:
  • Costanzo, MR; Dipchand, A; Starling, R; Anderson, A; Chan, M; Desai, S; Fedson, S; Fisher, P; Gonzales-Stawinski, G; Martinelli, L; McGiffin, D; Smith, J; Taylor, D; Meiser, B; Webber, S; Baran, D; Carboni, M; Dengler, T; Feldman, D; Frigerio, M; Kfoury, A; Kim, D; Kobashigawa, J; Shullo, M; Stehlik, J; Teuteberg, J; Uber, P; Zuckermann, A; Hunt, S; Burch, M; Bhat, G; Canter, C; Chinnock, R; Crespo-Leiro, M; Delgado, R; Dobbels, F; Grady, K; Kao, W; Lamour, J; Parry, G; Patel, J; Pini, D et al.. The International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation Guidelines for the care of heart transplant recipients. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. 2010;29:914-956.  Abstract
  • Ratnasamy, C; Idriss, SF; Carboni, MP; Kanter, RJ. Arrhythmias in children having a single left superior vena cava and minimal structural heart disease. Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology. 2009;20:182-186.  Abstract
  • Cook, AL; Kishnani, PS; Carboni, MP; Kanter, RJ; Chen, YT; Ansong, AK; Kravitz, RM; Rice, H; Li, JS. Ambulatory electrocardiogram analysis in infants treated with recombinant human acid alpha-glucosidase enzyme replacement therapy for Pompe disease. Genetics in Medicine. 2006;8:313-317.  Abstract
  • Nehgme, RA; Carboni, MP; Care, J; Murphy, JD. Transthoracic percutaneous access for electroanatomic mapping and catheter ablation of atrial tachycardia in patients with a lateral tunnel Fontan. Heart Rhythm. 2006;3:37-43.  Abstract
  • Carboni, M; Zhang, ZS; Neplioueva, V; Starmer, CF; Grant, AO. Slow sodium channel inactivation and use-dependent block modulated by the same domain IV S6 residue. The Journal of Membrane Biology. 2005;207:107-117.  Abstract
  • Spencer, CT; Byrne, BJ; Gewitz, MH; Wechsler, SB; Kao, AC; Gerstenfeld, EP; Merliss, AD; Carboni, MP; Bryant, RM. Ventricular arrhythmia in the X-linked cardiomyopathy Barth syndrome. Pediatric Cardiology. 2005;26:632-637.  Abstract
  • Shah, MJ; Nehgme, R; Carboni, M; Murphy, JD. Endocardial atrial pacing lead implantation and midterm follow-up in young patients with sinus node dysfunction after the fontan procedure. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology. 2004;27:949-954.  Abstract
  • Grant, AO; Carboni, MP; Neplioueva, V; Starmer, CF; Memmi, M; Napolitano, C; Priori, S. Long QT syndrome, Brugada syndrome, and conduction system disease are linked to a single sodium channel mutation. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2002;110:1201-1209.  Abstract
  • Grant, AO; Chandra, R; Keller, C; Carboni, M; Starmer, CF. Block of wild-type and inactivation-deficient cardiac sodium channels IFM/QQQ stably expressed in mammalian cells. Biophysical Journal. 2000;79:3019-3035.  Abstract
  • Kanter, RJ; Papagiannis, J; Carboni, MP; Ungerleider, RM; Sanders, WE; Wharton, JM. Radiofrequency catheter ablation of supraventricular tachycardia substrates after mustard and senning operations for d-transposition of the great arteries. JACC - Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2000;35:428-441.  Abstract
  • Talner, NS; Carboni, MP. Chest pain in the adolescent and young adult. Cardiology Review. 2000;8:49-56.  Abstract
  • Carboni, MP; Ringel, RE. Ductus arteriosus in premature infants beyond the second week of life. Pediatric Cardiology. 1997;18:372-375.  Abstract