Pediatric Residency Program



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The Pediatric Residency Program at Duke provides an environment that promotes the competencies and skills needed to practice excellent general pediatrics in the community. Our pediatric residents also receive broad exposure managing diverse pathologic conditions through active participation in pediatric subspecialty care. The pediatric residency is in full accord with all requirements of the Accreditation Committee on Graduate Medical Education. Graduates of the program meet all eligibility requirements of the American Board of Pediatrics to sit for the Certifying Examination in General Pediatrics. 

Betty Staples, MD
Pediatric Residency Program Director

Mission Statement

We strive to be a national leader in the training of outstanding pediatricians with diverse interests and backgrounds in a supportive and innovative environment.

Our Values

  • Patient and Family Centered Care
  • Professionalism
  • Lifelong Learning and Teaching
  • Scholarship
  • Individualized Mentorship
  • Collaboration
  • Community Engagement and Advocacy

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